About Us

AbiolaChamp is a Global Inspirational brand with a mandate to INSPIRE 1 Billion people to rock their world like CHAMPIONS.

According to the Global CHAMP Vision, a CHAMPION is any individual that is committed to using his or her competence, character, creativity, compassion and courage to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in his or her Family, Community and/or Industry.

Through multiple expressions, the AbiolaChamp brand has designed and implemented:

  • Projects that EMPOWERED People to TRANSFORM Organizations quoted on the Africa’s largest Stock Exchange
  • Projects that EMPOWERED Women across 30 Countries
  • Projects that INSPIRED Young people across 30 Countries



Many young people have a phobia for Sales jobs. This is because they don’t have the requisite skills for success. Check out the stories of some Young People after we helped them move From Boring Tales To Making Fantastic Sales.
Facebook Inc, Dangote Group, Tesla and more are all products of a synergy among the teams that make the organizations rock. Check out how we activated synergy among the millennials working in the Northern Nigerian region of an organization.
No individual is smart – we are as smart as how we handle our emotion. See how we engaged Millennials from Nigeria, Congo, Ghana & Rwanda on to activate their magic of emotional intelligence.
One of our interests is in developing the capacity of Women and we have expressed this with the Xceptional Women Network. Check out what women are saying about our Confidence Coaching Program for Women.

Checkout how some champions got inspired with the most important skill in the world.

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Inspirational Skits

Entrepreneurship is not a social status, it is a learning experience. It’s a commitment to ongoing learning. Hope you are learning and you’re not the CEO of Olodo & Sons Enterprises.

Correct Worker

Everyday, people wake up, dress up and go to work but what kind of worker are You? Find out from this video.

Customer Service Series

Have you witnessed these localized customer service attitudes before?

Correct Boss Series

Bosses could be great and some bosses could be terrible. What kind of boss do you have? Check out these Bosses.