Dr. Abiola Salami International Leadership Bootcamp

Mombasa 2024

23rd – 29th June 2024  
An opportunity for Senior Leaders to reflect, strategize, rejuvenate and reskill for peak performance



$10,000 per participant

(This includes premium learning experience, high quality training materials, daily relaxation schedule and full day luxury beach tour.)

Registration closes on Tuesday, May 17, 2024.

This program provides an opportunity for leaders to assess their leadership performance and identify areas for improvement. Leaders will receive a 360-degree assessment and a debrief that reflects their strengths and weaknesses.

Burnout is a growing problem among leaders, with many feeling exhausted and considering leaving their jobs. DASILB is offering a fun-filled Safari Private Tour to help leaders relax and de-stress.

Leaders will be coached to develop a personal growth plan based on the insights they gain from the activities. The plan will include specific goals, actions, and timelines. Leaders will leave DASIL transformed and equipped.

About The Bootcamp

Leadership performance is under threat. Many leaders are recording mediocre performance—some due to burnout, some due to past success, some due to inadequate leadership education, and some due to an ineffective outside-in approach that primarily transfers responsibility for action to others.
The Dr. Abiola Salami International Leadership Boot Camp (DASILB) is conceived based on the two philosophies of peak performance:
(1) excellence is the minimum standard; and
(2) historical performance is a launch pad not the standard.
Through a rich faculty, advanced studies in critical areas and a series of activities, DASILB presents Senior Leaders with the opportunity to reflect, re-strategize, rejuvenate and reskill for peak performance.
We will equip leaders with strategies to navigate complex challenges and deliver peak performance for their organizations and reshape their industries.


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Participant Profile

Assistant Directors, Deputy Directors and Directors in Federal & State Public Service.

Executive & Senior Management of Private Sector Organizations, Public Corporations, Professional Bodies and NGOs.

Military Personnel and Officers of the rank of Lt. Colonel and Major in Nigerian Army and their equivalents in the Navy, Airforce, Police, Customs, Immigration, Prisons and other Quasi-military/Security agencies.

Any other entrepreneur or professional who is committed to learning and growing and want to connect with bright minds while having fun at the same time.

  • Leadership Personality Assessment Result
  • Access to Welcome Dinner, High quality Training Sessions, Tours & Closing Breakfast
  • Interaction with the high-level faculty
  • Networking opportunities with other Senior leaders
  • Movie, Campfire & Gala Night
  • Wildlife & Marine Park Tour

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