Exploring Limiting Beliefs

What is belief?

A belief is the mental conclusion you arrive at because you hold an idea as being true. It is an internal feeling that something is true, even though that belief may be unproven or irrational.

What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is an idea that you hold as being true but is keeping you from seeing all that there is to the world. It is an internal feeling that is limiting the scope of what you can see about yourself, about other people and about the world.

Even though that belief may be unproven or irrational, it is restricting your scope of your possibilities and you only see what you are prepared to see, nothing more, nothing less. 

Think about how the world looks when looking through a keyhole. If you were to look at life through that keyhole all the time, how much of life would you miss? Limiting beliefs act like that hole.

A potential limiting belief sits with you until you accept it as truth, and adopt it as part of your individual belief system.

We all evaluate and seek sound reasons or evidence for these potential limiting beliefs in our own way. Once you accept a belief as a truth you are willing to defend, it can be said to form part of your belief system.

There are three ways you can categorize your beliefs:

A.    Limiting Beliefs About Yourself 

When you conclude that you are incapable, a failure, unlikable, or a loser, you will prevent yourself from becoming the best you can be – a VIP. Maybe you see you saw an opportunity to apply for a role and think, “I am not capable or qualified enough for it,” so you don’t even apply.

Being unreasonably optimistic and having an exaggerated perception of your competencies or rights can also prevent you from becoming a Very Influential Personality (VIP).  

B.    Limiting Beliefs About Others

When you conclude that everyone is against you, everyone is manipulative or everyone is not trustworthy, it will be difficult to develop win-win relationships which is one of the key strategies to becoming a Very Influential Personality. Maybe you have been cheated in the relationships in your workplace, so rather than try again, you say to yourself, ‘it’s not worth it’.

Being unreasonably gullible that everyone can be trusted or kindhearted can frustrate your attempts at seeking partnerships, building a team and engaging key stakeholders in your industry towards becoming a Very Influential Personality (VIP). 

C.    Limiting Beliefs About the World

When you conclude that you can’t succeed with the ‘new normal’ business landscape or you think the world is such a dark place for doing business or you think the world hates the rich and famous, it will be difficult for you to become a Very Influential Personality. Maybe you have let the media trick you into thinking the pandemic will soon get to you, so then you don’t even try to improve on your life.

Unreasonably discounting the impact of the world’s problems and just confessing positivity will not help you become a Very Influential Personality (VIP)either.

How Do Beliefs Develop?

Many limiting beliefs develop in childhood when you aren’t always able to process what happens to you.

Limiting beliefs can also come from your family. Within your family system, there are expectations of who you should be and the role you should fill. Limiting beliefs can also come from relationships with friends or significant others, experiences at work, or random interactions.

How Can We Live Beyond Limiting Beliefs?

The first step is to identify your Limiting beliefs by exploring them.

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