Featuring on SPEAK Like A CHAMPION Reality TV Show is like having a signed blank cheque with you – You determine what you write on it.

It is an opportunity of a life time with the potential to change your life not just for the better, but for the greater.


The Grand Prize

You have the opportunity to win up to ₦2,000,000.00. All contestants will compete for this and someone will win. Think about what you can do with ₦2,000,000.00.

Why can’t you be the person to win this?

Other Prizes

In addition to the Grand prize, there are other attractive & consolation prizes to be won.

You can win some of these prizes too.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Your participation in the show gives you the opportunity to be enrolled in CHAMP Academy where you will be inspired by world class tutors to enhance your thinking, listening and speaking skills.

These communication skills will position you for greatness anywhere in the world.

Enhanced Leadership Skills

The world is in dire need of the (few) people who can stand out of the crowd to be the first, be the best and sometimes be the only who can dare.

The skills you will acquire on this show will position you for global leadership.

Enhanced Confidence

Your confidence increases as you share your thoughts and ideas on the show.

This helps you to overcome passive or aggressive tendencies as you develop good self esteem and assertiveness.

Enhanced Profile

The show presents you an opportunity to become a celebrity with substance. Effective Communicators are in high demand in business and governance.

Your enhanced profile will work to your advantage whether your interest is in building a Career, Business or Politics.

A Sense Of Fulfilment

This show may just be the opportunity you have been waiting for to:

  • Conquer your fear of public speaking,
  • Have a sense that you dared to achieve something
  • Be proud of yourself
  • Make your friends, family and loved ones proud of you
  • Register your name in the hearts of millions of people across many countries.



To ​have inspire​d​ 1 Billion Champions by Monday 30th November, 2026.


2015 – Inspired 600,000 Champions
​2016 – Inspired 2.3 million Champions across 30 countries
2017 – Inspired 5 million Champions across 30 Countries

– OUR 2018 GOAL –

To inspire 10 million Champions across ​3​0 countries.



…these and many more resources to guide you into becoming a CHAMPION are available at Champ City, Ikoyi, Lagos. Send us an e-mail or Call us on +234-810-778-5411 to place your order.