It’s Your Turn to Write Your Book

Yes! You read it correctly.

Reading this title, I guess you have a few questions in your mind. Perhaps you are asking why me? Or how will/can I do that? or you are saying, Oga Champ, you are definitely not talking about me.

But hey, I am talking to YOU.


As a Very Influential Person, what do you really need? What does every VIP always want more of, especially for their business or cause? It is Attention.

Attention here is not just about seeking outward validation to compensate for inner feeling of low self esteem. Selling more goods and services, raising an A-Team, getting funding, recruiting loyal customers and building a tribe, all starts with attention.

When you have the attention of prospective customers, you can then show them how your products, services or cause will benefit them, they can commence a long lasting mutually beneficial business relationship with you. When you have the attention of the best talent, you can then show them how joining your team will be rewarding for them. When you have the attention of funders, you can then pitch to them. People will only listen to you when you have their attention and amongst other things, a book will help you gain the attention of the right people.

In addition to these, a book helps you to refine your personal philosophy and hook. It gives you authority, credibility and expertise. It raises your visibility and gets media coverage. It helps the right people find you. It shows your skills in a concise place. It increases your status. It shows you are disciplined. It makes the right people talk about you. It can be the beginning of a big business. It can get you speaking appearances. It enables you to leave a legacy. The focus is not to sell a lot of books but to use a book as magnet for attracting the right opportunities. So you need to write a book because you are a writer and because you can.

No matter your story or your personal philosophy, you can choose a guide for publishing your book from the list below.

A. Niche – Thought leadership

This is a book you can write based on your story, your background and your recommendations for the future of an industry or a demography. It’s full of your observations, ideas and insights. This book is ‘your professional opinion within your niche’. My first two books - Get MAD & Who Says It’s A Man’s World contains my thoughts on how Young People can take personal responsibility and how Women can live an exceptional life. The advantage of this type of book is that it gives you plenty of room to share your personal philosophy and unique thoughts on something you really care about.

B. Comic book

A comic book or a comic magazine represents a story in strips. Such books contain art to describe individual scenes for the story progression. The graphics make it interesting for the readers.

C. Graphic novel

Graphic novel is often confused with a comic book. Graphic book also contains art to represent story but as the name suggest, it is a novel with long art work and one storyline. Though the genre of a graphic novel can be fiction, non-fiction, or anthologized work.

D. Illustrated novel

The text format of an illustrated book is generally standard. The text of such books is complemented by pictures on the same page or on a separate page in order to represent a story. My friend, Okechukwu Ofiil’s books follow the theme. One of such books is How Stupidity Saved My Life.

E. Coffee table books

They are generally large in size in comparison to other books. These books are hard-covered and picture-heavy with great quality of paper which is also a reason why these books are little pricy than other books. If you are targeting high networth individuals, this is the theme for you.

F. Book of tips

This is a book full of quick tips and rapid fire ideas. A good example is the free eBook I published in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, 10 Ways Every Human Being Can Enjoy Sound Emotional & Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic. I wrote the book within a week. I allocated 3 hours each day to compile my thoughts, refine my thoughts, edit the content and got one of our vendors to design a colourful book cover and interior.

As I once read, 'list the ten main categories of interest you want to cover then come up with ten tips for each category. Now you will have 100 tips; if you write three tips per day it will take you less than two months to complete the book.'

G. Anthology

An anthology is a collection of poems, or short stories, or plays, or interviews, or any other pieces of writing chosen by the compiler. I am currently working on a book on leadership that follows this theme.

H. Activity book

Activity books are interactive in nature consisting exercises or games like code-crackers, connect-the-dots, puzzles, word power and sudoku. My book, The Magic of Emotional Intelligence followed this theme.

I. Colouring book

A coloring book can be both for children and adults. A colouring book contains line art which is to be filled adding colours of your choice. Some colouring books also incorporate the use of stickers.


What kind of book will you be writing within 45 days after the program?