Managing Your Emotions

Managing Your Emotions is the choice and flexibility that we can apply to our emotions. It becomes effective when we discover that we have the ability to truly lead―not only others, but more importantly, ourselves―through both the pleasant and the really stormy times. It is about dispensing the right emotion(s) for the right situations.

When you understand that you have the power of choice in negative situations, you realize that you hold the power to activate positivity within and around you. That’s when you have really begun to work the magic.

Don't Be Fooled By A Positive or Negative Emotion.

Let me mention, at this juncture, that negative emotions are not always bad; sometimes they serve to keep us in touch with our environment. If we wield them properly, they can even serve as propellers to achieving our desired goals. Likewise, positive emotions don’t always leave us on a perpetual high; so we need to develop the capacity to manage them too.

Emotions Are Fleeting

One of the most interesting things about emotions is that they are fleeting. No matter how great or terrible you feel in a moment, always remember that it won’t last forever. Like an anaesthetic, it will wear off after a while. So it is important that you do not allow temporary feelings to drive you into making life-long decisions. This is precisely why people are advised not to act out of anger or make promises out of happiness.

So, the magic is the super power we all possess as humans to manage and control every emotion we feel, so that we can serve and relate more effectively with the people most important to our success. It is recognizing that our emotions can be subject to us.

It's About A Fair Balance

Life is not a one-way traffic. You’ll find that some people are always nice. Others are always not nice, and for “good reason.” They claim to be that way in order to avoid being mistreated. None of these two extremes is ideal. The key is finding a fair balance by understanding the right time to be firm or friendly.


Managing Your Emotions will help you manage your impulses, control your emotions, understand people and manage relationships better. As you continue on this program, it is my desire that you become more aware of yourself, understand the triggers for each emotion you experience and observe the patterns as you make the deliberate choice to keep your emotions under control. 

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