Transmit Your Value

Your value and unique capacities are the driving forces of your Personal Philosophy.

To become a Very Influential Personality, the second most important thing you need to do is gain mastery on how to transmit your value and unique capacities to others through the use of your spoken words.

Transmitting your value begin with effective communication but it goes beyond communication. It is about deeply connecting your essence with others at such a high level that activates the hormone neuroscientists call dopamine.

Neuroscientists tell us that dopamine is a neurotransmitter most associated with attention, decision making, executive function, and reward-stimulated learning. Dopamine release on neuroimaging has been found to increase in response to rewards and positive experiences. Scans reveal greater dopamine release while subjects are playing, laughing, exercising, and receiving acknowledgment (e.g., praise) for achievement.

Transmitting your value is using your vibe to attract your tribe.

Successfully transmitting your uniqueness will help you to:

• infuse your personal philosophy into others

• spotlight your unique proposition

• make your message become the subject of many posts on a social media website and perhaps other media platforms within a short period of time

• attract the right kind of people - customers, team members, vendors, partners, funders and supporters

• lead your team effectively, make fantastic sales and manage your business and professional relationships

The more you transmit your value, the more it feels that you have enrolled the sun, the moon, the stars and the entire universe to come to your aid in becoming more valued, more visible and more connected in the industry that you love.


Imagine you are stuck in the elevator with the richest person in the world and he or she asks you the question, What Do Yo Do?

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